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Washi paper Yamaju seishi
Yamaju Corporation
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Company overview


Yamaju Paper Co., Ltd.
1212 Nishijima Minobu-cho, Minamikoma-gun, Yamanashi-ken Japan

Representative Director Shinji Kasai
Established in 1984 / Capital 7 million yen
Number of employees 5

First generation: Kanei 20 years, 1643. Hisao Kasai lives in this land and makes a living in agriculture and paper industry.
Teenage: Shigetaku Kasai died at the age of 40.
Twelve generations: Obtained a patent for “Seiko-style handrail device” in 1973, and opened the patent free of charge to Nishijima Teisho Paper Industry Cooperatives.
1985 Becomes a corporation “Yamaju Paper Co., Ltd.”.
Thirteenth generation: President Shinji Kasai took office in 1997
In 2009, it was awarded by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of “Cheerful Manufacturing 300 Companies”.
In 2017, won the “Yamanashi no Meiko”

[Main products]
Calligraphy paper, Japanese paper print paper, clear paper, Japanese paper with sashimi chips, local business cards, Japanese paper, cultural property restoration materials, folk art Japanese paper dumplings