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Shinji Kasai’s Thoughts

Born in a paper shop, 40 years of paper work.
I always think about two things and make paper.

I want to make the paper needed in today’s world.
Printer paper was made with that thought.
Not just because it’s nostalgic or because it’s old, this paper says that Mitsumata’s fibers can grow in this photo, and that the whiteness of the mulberry leaves the work alive.
After choosing the best material for making a photographic work, not just Washi, we arrived at Omurasaki.
I want to make such paper.

The other is to pass on the Nishijima handmade paper that has been around for 450 years to the next generation.
I’ve seen production centers ending in various places.
I don’t think the technology of the art paper that I’m making now can be reproduced once it is cut off.
Making paper is a series of small, small tricks that cannot be conveyed in words.
Because it is on a pile of small tips.
The small technique was born from the history of Nishijima Handmade Paper for 450 years.
The speed of the blinds rolling on the laminated paper, the change in speed when turning the blinds,
Raw materials and kneaded salt plums, tips to feel the thickness of the paper.
It is a technique that will never be completed in 10 or 20 years.
Skills that need to be kept by continuing.
I feel it’s my mission.