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Washi paper Yamaju seishi
Yamaju Corporation
Open Mon.-Fri. 10 am to 5 pm.

Printing Lab

If you purchase Japanese paper, you can print freely up to B0 Nobi.


Epson SC-p10050, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. You can print freely using CREATIVE CLOUD. (Environment WINDOWS10)
You can also bring in paper.
You can print anything from a very thin tengu book to board paper or colored paper. Please consult.
Contact us for borderless printing of Japanese paper with ears.
We can print on round and deformed paper as well as square paper.
We print on any paper. Please feel free to contact us.
Duplication of family lessons, family tree, etc. A replica of the work of art. Printing and binding of Japanese spelling. Huge murals, business card printing with ears, New Year’s postcards, calendars, folding fans, fan, etc.

4,000 yen for printing 1 x 2×3 sheet (free up to 4 A5 sheets)
We will teach you the know-how of Japanese paper printing in an easy-to-understand manner
If you are unfamiliar with operations such as Photoshop, the dedicated staff will help you.
It will be a study of Photoshop.
We can talk about how to display Japanese paper, framed frames, shaft mounted, etc.

1 hour: 2,000 yen
Monitor: Calibrated
Photoshop, illustrator AdobeCC latest version
Printer: Epson SC-P10050
Please contact us for use.

An exhibition was held using Japanese paper photographs finished in the open lab.

The photo was printed on “Omurasaki CRYSTAL POWDER FINE ART (400-500μ thick)”.
March 2019. In response to a request from the photographer Nozozo Shimura of Fujikawa-cho, Yamanashi Prefecture, for a print paper with outstanding whiteness,
The polishing waste of Kofu crystal is made into Japanese paper and the whiteness of the paper is increased with the powder of crystal.
In this way, we also provide manufacturing services for Japanese paper products using raw materials requested by customers.