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Cultural property restoration materials


Nasu mulberry (harvested in 2018) ¥ 19000 / ¥ 19,000 The price is undecided for the first year of the Japanese law.
Developed with the National Archives for restoration of leaf castings.
Using only Nasu mulberry (from Takeshita Shoten), it was sweetly treated with soda ash in a stainless steel pot and completely drained with running water.
Because it is purely domestic and has a reliable source, it is ideal for restoring old documents. You can also attach a producer lighting.
Inquiry about domestic goosepicks (purchased from Shikoku raw material dealer)
Domestic Mitsuma

Product typeSizePrice (excluding tax) / per kg
Nasu mulberry 100% (Takeuchi Shoten)Cardboard condition of 5mm thickness19,000 yen
100% Kochi mulberry (Umeshita Shoten) 6mm thick cardboard 13,000 yen