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Gasenshi has a beautiful smear and ink color, and can be freely blurred where the artist intends.

Japanese paper for Japanese painting

Japanese paper for Japanese painting

Miyuki, a paper that sets it apart from Japanese paper and cloud paper, pursues price and ease of use.
Fresh snow is particular about 100% Nasu mulberry, the highest peak in Japan. Only mulberry from Nasu Takeuchi is used.
Cooked with soda ash and finished unglazed.

Photo paper

 Photo paper

Textures and photographs that take advantage of the complex flow of fibers create details like paintings.

Cultural property restoration materials


Nasu mulberry, Kochi mulberry and pure domestic materials are boiled in a stainless steel pan, boiled and boiled, exposed to running water for 24 hours, thickened, and delivered in a sun-dried state.
About 5mm thick
It is used for restoration of old documents and leaf casting because it is magical


Lucky charm

We received shredder chips from used banknotes after the end of their role and revived them into new products using the technique of Nishijima handmade Japanese paper.
Ultimate recycling.
Items that increase your fortune and increase your fortune.



A 44 page origami (jabara) style red seal stamp made with authentic calligraphy paper

Picture letter postcard


Picture letter paper lined with Esen paper

Local business card

business card

We made local business cards by kneading agricultural products and fiber of local plants.

MAWARY (sunflower Japanese paper)


I made Japanese paper from the stalks of the sunflower that bloomed at the sunflower festival in Akeno, Hokuto City.
Launched the mawary brand with folding fans, fan, postcards, bookmarks, and sparklers.
Sunflower festival venue limited sale.