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We received shredder chips from used banknotes after the end of their role and revived them into new products using the technique of Nishijima handmade Japanese paper.
Ultimate recycling.
Items that increase your fortune and increase your fortune.

Fortune calendar


Start your year with a fortune calendar.
Fortune rises for one year.
The second year of Reiwa was Sotatsu’s “Hammer and Zodiac rat”.
You can also put your name.
Please contact us.

Fortune calendar

SizePrice (excluding tax)
A4 (21x30cm)500 yen
Small (36x27cm)1,500 yen
Medium (47x72cm)3,000 yen
Large (73x107cm)5,000 yen
Extra large (73x142cm) 7,000 yen

Fortune calendar insert name

SizePrice (excluding tax)
A4 (21x30cm)1,500 yen
Small (36x27cm)2,000 yen
Medium (47x72cm)4,000 yen
Large (73x107cm)6,000 yen
Extra large (73x142cm) 8,000 yen

Fortune goods

Business card
Fortune fortune business card
Good luck fan
Good luck money bill

Fortune rise left Uchiwa
Let’s celebrate the birth celebration, wedding or congratulations by holding “Good luck rising left fan” with your left hand.

Fortune rise left Uchiwa Zodiac
In the New Year, celebrate the “Good Fortune Left Uchiwa Zodiac” with your left hand.

Fortune pouch series
Fortune constellation, choose your constellation and put it in your wallet.

Good luck envelope
Having trouble finding lottery locations?
If you put it in this fortune envelope, money will attract money.

Product nameSize (cm)Price (excluding tax)
Good luck fortune left fan26 × 392,000 yen (tax included)
Good luck fortune left fan zodiac26 × 392,000 yen (tax included)
Good luck fortune left Uchiwa birth26 × 392,000 yen (tax included)
Good fortune business card 50 pieces5.5 × 9.11,500 yen
Good luck invitation business card 100 pieces5.5 × 9.12,300 yen
Good luck fortune business card 50 sheets printing5.5 × 9.12,000 yen
Fortune fortune business card 100 sheets printing5.5 × 9.14,000 yen
Good fortune fan Furin volcano20.5 × 371,500 yen
Good fortune fan good luck good luck20.5 × 371,500 yen
Good Fortune Fan Owl20.5 × 37 1,500 yen
Fortune fan billionaire20.5 × 371,500 yen
Good fortune money bill constellation4 × 8200 yen
Good luck money bill various4 × 8200 yen