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Picture letter postcard

Yamanashi traditional handicraft “Nishijima handmade Japanese paper”


News from the wind
A picture letter paper lined with a traditional paper of Yamanashi “Nishijima Handmade Washi”.
Specializing in the bleeding characteristic of Nishijima Handmade Washi, it is pure white and has the resistance of a brush unique to Washi, so you can write comfortably.

Using the sensation paper with less bleeding, the color of the ink can be expressed softly while keeping the color of the bamboo simple.

Product typeQuantityPrice (excluding tax)
News from the wind10 pieces300 yen
Hometown10 sheets320 yen
News from the wind 100 sheets2,800 yen
Oldness100 pieces3,000 yen
News from the wind100 pieces3,500 yen