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Japanese paper for Japanese painting

Japanese paper for Japanese painting

It was developed in collaboration with a Japanese painter with the goal of making higher quality Japanese paper than cloud paper.

“New snow” is made of 100% mulberry to create a beautiful fiber flow, and is boiled sweetly with soda ash to achieve both strength and long-term storage.
In addition, the “first snow” cost has been reduced and it has flexibility.

Basically, it is made-to-order, so you can make it to suit your needs such as thickness and color.
Available in various sizes.

Product name Size Price (excluding tax)
Fresh snow 3 × 6 shaku (980x1900x0.6mm) Kou 30% hemp 70% 200g 4,000 yen
Fresh snow 150 (1900x2400x0.6mm) 30% mulberry 70% hemp 70% 290g 10,000 yen
Fresh snow 6m (1100x6000x0.6mm) 680g 15,000 yen
First snow 3 × 6 shaku (980x1900x0.6mm) 100% Nasu kozo 楮 200g 18,000 yen
Hatsuyuki 150 (1900x2400x0.6mm) Nasu Kozo 100% 290g 26,000 yen
First snow 6m (1100x6000x0.6mm) 680g 37,500 yen