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Washi paper Yamaju seishi
Yamaju Corporation
Open Mon.-Fri. 10 am to 5 pm.

manufacturing services

We make Japanese paper from local specialty products.
If you can make suggestions, we will develop Washi together.

Material development

Case study

  • Bank of Japan notes
Lucky charm

(Millionaire Goods Goods)

  • Hokkaido Yakumo Town Chamber of Commerce

(Miltweed fiber)


  • Tropical Information Laboratory Philippines

(Banana fiber)

  • Fuefuki Momo Farmer

(Peach pruning fiber)

  • Minami Alps City Komano agricultural cooperative

(Grape vine fiber)

  • Kofu crystal polishing waste

(Omurasaki CRYSTAL POWDER FINE ART (400-500μ thickness)

  • Minobu Bamboo Charcoal Association

(With bamboo charcoal)

  • Minobu Town Soybean Association

(Akebon soybean okara)

business card
  • Tsuru City Nakamura Trading Co., Ltd.

(Wine paste)

  • Fujikawacho Hijizuri Village Activation Association

(With citron peel)

  • others

Sweet potato vine, pineapple leaf, cogon, straw, bamboo, etc.

With or without fiber
Please consult anything.