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Washi paper Yamaju seishi

Yamaju Corporation
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Nishijima, a village of Japanese paper, nurtured by the rich water of the Fuji River, at the foot of the Southern Alps.

Yamaju has been handing Japanese paper for over 120 years in Nishijima.


It is said that Nishijima Washi started with giving to Takeda Shingen.

For 400 years, the technique has been handed down by craftsmen.

Yamaju Paper has been striving to make handmade Japanese paper while reducing the burden on craftsmen using patented techniques.


The feature of Nishijima Washi is "Nijimi".

In order to obtain this unique blurring condition, we have improved the techniques and materials.

At Yamaju Paper, we offer calligraphy-use “Gesen paper”, Japanese paper for Japanese paintings, and Japanese paper for photographs.

Please enjoy the unique coloring, blurring and brushing of Nishijima Washi.